FDA Investigator Frederick L Fricke

Frederick L Fricke has inspections in 1 countries as of 05 Nov 2021. Frederick L Fricke has collaborated with a combinined 2521 experts on various inspections, contributing to compliance and improvement across diverse sectors.

Investigator Details

Number of Inspected Sites:
Last Inspection Date:
05 Nov 2021
Investigator Role:
FDA Investigator
Redica ID:
United States of America
Adam R Cooke, Alan P Kurtzberg, Alicia M Mozzachio, Alyson C Tanner, Amanda L Fyles, Amir Alavi, Andrew S Limson, Arie C Menachem, Arlene M Badillo, Bichsa T Nguyen, Bichsa T Tran, Binh T Nguyen, Bryan A Galvez, Calvin B Koerner, Carla J Lundi, Carlos A Medina, Carr Sharpe, Carrie A Hughes, Caryn M Everly, Caryn M Mcnab, Cassandra L Abellard, CDR Ileana Barreto Pettit, Colleen F Hoyt, Comyar Shoghi, Cynthia J Lee, MS, Cynthia Jim, CSO, Dejon N Harris, Diane Cvan Leeuwen, Dr. Carmelo Rosa, Dr. Chunchang Fang, Dusty F Snoeberg, Dyana K Stone, Erika V Butler, Frank L Cordova, Fred L Fricke, Frederick Fricke, Geraldine D Sanders, Geraldine Sanders, Ginger M Sykes, Gregory A Berg, Haroon Vohra (NMI), Ileana Pettit, Isabel Y Espinosa, Jamie L Dion, Janet Blount, Janet D Bart, Jeffery A Johnson, Jennifer M Gogley, Jennifer M Menendez, Joe X Phillips, Joey V Quitania, John A Gonzalez, Jorge L Lajara, Jose A Moreno, Jose Alopez Rubet, Jose E Melendez, DDC, Jose R Lopez, Joseph X Philips, Joseph X Phillips, Juan Rjimenez Garcia, Karen A Wolnik, Kari M Johansen, Katherine E Jacobitz, Katherine Szestypalow, Kenneth V Miller, Kent C Faul, Kham Phommachang, Kham Phommachanh, Kim Lthomas Cruse, Kimberley A Hoefen, Lakecha N Lewis, Liming Zhang, Linda F Murphy, Linda M Cheny, Linda Thai, Lisa M Lopez, Marco S Esteves, Marcus F Yambot, Marianela Aponte Cruz, Maribel V Juarbe, Marie Falcone, Marie T Falcone, Mariza M Jafary, Mariza M Jalary, Marta E Gonzalez, Matthew R Dionne, Merril E Racke, Merril R Racke, Merril Racke, PhD, Michael A Charles, Michael D Garcia, Michael J Kuchta, Michael Kuchta, Michael R Goga, Mihaly S Ligmond, Myriam M Sosa, Nathan M Jornod, Nayan J Patel, Omotunde O Osunsanmi, Pabhu P Raju, Patricia A Brown, Patricia A Cortez, Patricia Brown, Peter C Chow, Prabhu P Raju, Rafael Nevarez, Rafael Nevarez Nieves, Ramon A Hernandez, Raymond T Oji, Rebecca H Lee, Rebecca Parrilla, Robert Sharpnack, Roy R Rinc, Ryan J Borges, Saied A Asbagh, Sandra S Saniga, Sangeeta M Khurana, PhD, Santiago Gallardo Johnson, Sean P Desbrow, Shannon B Ruelle, Sparky L Bartee, Steven B Barber, Steven E Porter, Jr, Sue Lee Chan, Tenzin Jangchup, Terri L Dodds, Thai T Duong, Thanh M Andrews, Thao T Kwan, Theressa B Smith, Thomas J Arista, Thomas R Beilke, Tony J Wu, Tracey T Duong, Truong Xuan Nguyen (Andy), Uttaniti Limchumroon (Tom), Valerie L Whipp, Vashti E Bocker, Virgilio F Pacio, CSO, Walden H Lee, Walden Lee, William J Leonard, Yasamin Ameri, Yumi J Hiramine, Zachary L Miller, Zachary L Stamm

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