FDA Investigator Susan O Oladeji

Susan O Oladeji has inspections in 4 countries as of 28 Sep 2023. Susan O Oladeji has collaborated with a combined 2978 experts on various inspections, contributing to compliance and improvement across diverse sectors.

Investigator Details

Number of Inspected Sites:
Last Inspection Date:
28 Sep 2023
Investigator Role:
FDA Investigator
Redica ID:
United States of America, Italy, Spain, Canada
Abdur Rashid, Andrea Lwilliams Jones, Ann B Borromeo, Ann L Demarco, Anna E Fain, Arthur G Hurst, Babatunde D Babalola, Barbara M Frazier, Bonita S Chester, Brandy D Brown, Brenda Rivera, Brooke K Higgins, Burnell M Henry, Camerson E Moore, Carlos A Ortiz, Carol F Robinson, Carol J Blackwood, Carolyn E Barney, Caryn M Mcnab, Catherine J Laufmann, CDR Ileana Barreto Pettit, CDR Thomas R Berry, PPh, Cherie T Parker, Cheryl Llove Harris, Cheryl Love Harris, Chestnut, Christie B Rice, Christopher S Keating, Christopher T Middendorf, Claire M Minden, Clifton C Francis, Clinton J Lott, Constance Y Fears, Cynthia Jim, CSO, D Ross Spears, PhD, David J Gomes, Dawn M Braswell, Demario L Walls, Dennis Cantellops Paite, Devaughn Edwards, Edward H Maticka, Eileen J Bannerman, Elizabeth D Connell, Emil P Wang, JD, Enada F Archibold, Eric S Weilage, Erin D Mccaffery, Gabriel R Mclemore, Gam S Zamil, Gamal A Norton, George J Flynn, Geraldine D Sanders, Gideon N Esuzor, Gretchen M Laws, Hai Lien Phung, Hai Lien T Phung, Harshal J Desai, Ibad U Khan, Igbinoba, Ingrid A Zambrana, Ivy E Sweeney, Jacqueline D Mitchell, Jacqueline Mdiaz Albertini, James L Finn, Jared P Stevens, Jason F Chancey, Jason K Morgan, Jason R Nickelsen, Jawaid Hamid, Jawid Hamid, Jeffrey D Sheppard, Jessica P Mcalister, Joanne E King, Joe A Odom, Joey V Quitania, John D Lloyd, Johnetta F Walters, Jose A Cruz, Jose Acruz Gonzalez, Jose Martinez, Jr, Joseph F Owens, Juliana Falla, June P Page, Kara D Dobbin, Kenneth R Merritt, Kenny R Robinson, Kevin Obrien, Kimberly A Dutzek, Kimberly Cdelk Brooks, Kip J Hanks, Lareese K Thomas, Larry K Hampton, Laura L Staples, Laurie Nelson, Leah M Andrews, Leonard H Lavi, Lillie D Witcher, Liming Zhang, Louis G An, LT Tamara J Henderson, Luis M Burgos Medero, Mancia R Walker, Marie F Morin, Markeesa M Scales, Martrice A Packer, Marvin D Jones, Mary A Millner, Matthew G Brown, Matthew R Mcnew, Mei Chiung J Huang, Melanie M Walker, Metitia G Sanders, Metitia M Gramby, Miaja Umaedi, Michael R Goga, Michele Gottshall, Milva E Melendez, Mra Mcculloughj, Myoshi M Francis, Nakesha J Jackson, Navista C Bolton, Nicholas Z Lu, Nicole E Knowlton, Nije A Thomas, Omotunde O Osunsanmi, Parul M Patel, Patricia A Cochran, Patricia H Dlugosz, Patrick C Dooley, Paul W Moy, Paula R Katz, Penny H Mccarver, Prabhu P Raju, Pratik S Upadhyay, DDC, Rachael L Cook, Randy L Clarida, Reba A Gates, Regina T Brown, Robert C Coleman, Robert L Lewis, Jr, Robin N Goins, Rose Xu, Samantha J Bradley, Sandra I Gaul, Santos E Camara, Sarah A Hassas, Seneca D Toms, Shondra N Gipson, Shrikant N Pagay, Sondra L Phillips, Song Y Lavalais, State Agency, Stephen G Mclane, Steven B Hertz, Steven D Dittert, Steven J Rush, Suzanne N Vallez, Tajah L Blackburn, Tamika D Cathey, Tomika L Bivens, Tracy K Li, Tracy R Ball, Trang N Cox, Travis E Chapman, Truong Xuan Nguyen (Andy), Veronica Fuentes, MS, Victor J Gangi, Viviana Matta, Weedb, Wendy R Blame, Whitney F Hook, Yumi J Hiramine

Susan O Oladeji's Documents

Publish Date Document Type Title
September, 2019 FDA 483 Nature's Natural Products, INC. DBA Nature's Skin and Body Food - Form 483, 2019-09-27
May, 2023 FDA 483 Kor-Chem, Inc. - Form 483, 2023-05-05
December, 2022 FDA 483 Gerresheimer Peachtree City, LP - Form 483, 2022-12-12
July, 2022 FDA 483 Auto-Chlor System LLC - Form 483, 2022-07-18
April, 2019 FDA 483 Patheon API Services, Inc. - Form 483, 2019-04-12
March, 2023 FDA 483 Novan, Inc. - Form 483, 2023-03-17
September, 2022 FDA 483 Towa Pharmaceutical Europe, S.L. - Form 483, 2022-09-23
March, 2020 FDA 483 WINDER LABORATORIES, LLC - Form 483, 2020-03-13
June, 2022 FDA 483 Response Encompass Pharmaceutical Services Inc. - Form 483R, 2022-06-26
June, 2022 FDA 483 Encompass Pharmaceutical Services Inc. - Form 483, 2022-06-03
March, 2019 FDA 483 Dixon Investments Inc - Form 483, 2019-03-22
October, 2017 FDA 483 Piedmont LLC dba Voyant Beauty - Form 483, 2017-10-04
March, 2018 FDA 483 Newton Laboratories, Inc. - Form 483, 2018-03-30
April, 2019 EIR Patheon API Services, Inc. - EIR, 2019-04-12
January, 2019 EIR Patheon Softgels Inc. - EIR, 2019-01-30
March, 2019 FDA 483 Response Dixon Investments Inc - Form 483R, 2019-03-22
May, 2019 FDA 483 Melaleuca Inc - Form 483, 2019-05-10
April, 2022 FDA 483 Havix Group Inc d/b/a Aavis Pharmaceuticals - Form 483, 2022-04-19
February, 2020 FDA 483 PTI Royston, LLC - Form 483, 2020-02-06
August, 2021 FDA 483 Eagle Pharmacy, Inc. - Form 483, 2021-08-12
June, 2022 EIR Encompass Pharmaceutical Services Inc. - EIR, 2022-07-11
November, 2017 FDA 483 The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company - Form 483, 2017-11-17
August, 2016 FDA 483 Absonutrix, LLC - Form 483, 2016-08-05
March, 2020 FDA 483 Response WINDER LABORATORIES, LLC - Form 483R, 2020-05-03
August, 2019 FDA 483 Emilia Resources, LLC - Form 483, 2019-08-09
September, 2019 FDA 483 Dee Cee Laboratories - Form 483, 2019-09-13
September, 2021 FDA 483 Froggy's Fog LLC - Form 483, 2021-09-15
February, 2023 FDA 483 WINDER LABORATORIES, LLC - Form 483, 2023-02-03
November, 2017 EIR The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company - EIR, 2017-11-17
March, 2020 EIR WINDER LABORATORIES, LLC - EIR, 2020-03-13
October, 2016 FDA 483 Star Health & Beauty LLC - Form 483, 2016-10-26
March, 2017 FDA 483 UNION AGENER, INC. - Form 483, 2017-03-31
November, 2023 FDA 483 Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC - Form 483, 2023-11-08
March, 2022 FDA 483 Olympia Compounding Pharmacy dba Olympia Pharmacy - Form 483, 2022-03-02
July, 2023 FDA 483 Avanti Polar Lipids - Form 483, 2023-07-07

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