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What are the latest FDA enforcement trends when it comes to lack of contamination control?

Contamination in manufacturing is an issue of concern in GMP operations. FDA investigators want to see robust processes in place that prevent contamination and cross-contamination. It is also a frequent issue cited in FDA warning letters

Using the Redica Annual Trend report, we can see the number of 483 observations that fall under the category of “Lack of Contamination Control” for the past seven years in North America under the pharma GMP scope.

In the past seven years, there were 117 FDA 483 observations relating to “Lack of Contamination Control” during Production.

Lack of Contamination Control
Redica Systems Enforcement Analytics | Lack of Contamination Control 483s

If you are involved in inspection preparation, reviewing this list of 483 observations can be helpful in determining where you need to shore up your contamination and cross-contamination prevention measures.

One area to look is cleaning procedures. An FDA investigator pointed out that multiple companies received warning letters for cleaning issues involving equipment. This is a major concern for sites that produce multiple products on the same equipment.

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