Pleasanton, CA, November 20, 2020 – Govzilla, the regulatory and compliance platform that provides data and insights to quality and safety professionals in regulated industries globally, has announced today that it is rolling out an entirely redesigned customer platform. The new Enforcement Analytics platform provides customers with more data, more powerful analytics and insights, and a significantly improved user experience. It builds on the company’s legacy as the largest regulatory enforcement and inspection database in the world, vastly improving its artificial intelligence models and marking a significant shift in how companies approach compliance decision-making. 

The launch of the new platform coincides with the rollout of a new corporate brand and identity. The company will begin operating under the name Redica Systems, effective immediately. The new corporate identity is a symbol of the next chapter in the company’s history, which started in 2010 as FDAzilla. Today, Redica Systems is fully focused on achieving its mission of empowering the champions of quality and safety with actionable data intelligence.

“I’m incredibly proud of what our team has achieved over the past decade. Starting from a strong foundation, we’ve expanded our offering to better serve compliance and quality professionals in the pharma, medical devices, and food industries, and give them peace of mind,” said Michael de la Torre, Chief Executive Officer of Redica Systems. He added: “By listening to our customers and working closely with them, we developed the first and only quality and regulatory intelligence platform, leading to an entirely new way of thinking about compliance. Our unique system and our experts provide our customers with the deep insights they need to continuously improve compliance, reduce supplier risk, and increase team efficiency.”

“Redica Systems has what it takes to reinvent the entire quality & compliance industry,” said Martin VanTrieste, CEO of Civica and member of Redica Systems’ board of directors. “Their ability to automate data collection and the type of insights that can be pulled from the data at the push of a button are truly unique. As a former Chief Quality Officer myself, I experienced first-hand how Michael and his team can help mitigate risk. Redica’s new platform is light-years ahead of where the competition stands.”

Steven A. Greer, QA External Engagement Leader at the Procter & Gamble Company, commented: “As a quality professional, it is critical not to miss any regulatory changes or enforcement actions happening constantly all around the world. Redica Systems provides me with a customized dashboard that turns data into actionable intelligence, and helps me make sense of it all without feeling overwhelmed. This service helps us achieve sustainable compliance and superior products, which ultimately benefits our consumers.”

Along with the adoption of a new company name and a new logo, Redica Systems has relaunched its website: The new website features the company’s new customer platform, use cases from different industries, and applications of its technology for different roles. 

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Redica Systems is a technology company using data, analytics and expertise to deliver meaningful insights to quality and safety professionals around the world. By applying artificial intelligence to large and disparate government and customer data sets, Redica empowers its customers to improve compliance, increase product quality, and build a more efficient organization using the first and only quality and regulatory intelligence (QRI) platform. Founded in 2010, Redica serves over 200 customers in the pharma, medical devices and food industries, including 19 of the top 20 pharma companies and 9 of the 10 top medical devices companies. Its headquarters are in Pleasanton, CA. More information is at is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Redica Systems.


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