This article was updated in December 2023
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Why we are here

In 2010, FDAzilla was founded on a simple premise – FDA data is too hard to find. We were blown away at how much data – valuable, game-changing data – was available. And yet, the data was obscured, unorganized, and unusable. We worked hard to publish some of this data on the web with easily searchable 483s. 

This was the beginning of the FDAzilla document store repository that helped teams like yours get data quickly and efficiently without having to go through the lengthy, frustrating, and sometimes quite expensive FOIA process. 

Screenshot 2023 12 18 at 4.01.45 PM
Figure 1 | The FDAzilla document store

We believe that quality and regulatory data for life sciences companies should be readily available and useful, so in 2015, we took an important leap from simply improving the accessibility of FDA documents to actually structuring the underlying data. The intent was, and still is, to unlock far more powerful analytics based on a cleaner, more organized dataset.

Under the leadership of new CEO Michael de la Torre in 2017, we started to execute a more ambitious vision of building the world’s first Quality and Regulatory Intelligence (QRI) platform based on a new mission to “Empower the champions of quality and safety with actionable data intelligence.” 

The objective of this QRI was to help our customers reduce compliance risk and ultimately improve product quality through three use cases:

  • Inspection preparation
  • Vendor quality monitoring
  • Regulatory surveillance

We built three modules to serve those use cases:

  • Inspection Intelligence
  • Vendor Intelligence
  • Regulatory Intelligence

With our expanding global grasp on agency data and a rapidly evolving product, we knew a name change was needed to show the industry we are more than just FDA 483s. In 2019, we rebranded from FDAzilla to Govzilla. We also added EMA, Health Canada, and MHRA data to our dataset. 

But the Govzilla name did not last long, as our dreams were bigger than the name allowed, and in 2020, we moved away from the “zillas” and became Redica Systems. With the name change, we also rolled out an entirely redesigned customer platform. 

Recent documents and events 2023 11 30 at 1.01.17 PM
Figure 2 | Recent Documents and Events Page in Redica Systems Redesigned Platform

With the goal of empowering life sciences customers to deliver higher-quality products more efficiently while reducing compliance and regulatory risk, in 2023 we completely rebuilt our database.

That overhaul enabled Redica Systems to perform industry-leading data scrubbing, de-duping, filtration, standardization, entity resolution, tagging, scoring, translation, change monitoring, and categorization. We can ingest data from various sources and formats such as FOIA and web scraping and perform automated and “human-in-the-loop” data processing and transformation. 

Redica Systems’ unique identifier for critical entities, the Redica ID, creates one clean, holistic record for each entity. Gone are the days of seeing dozens or even hundreds of permutations of a site name, for example.

Redica IDs 1
Figure 3 | The Redica Systems ID

Part of this new quality and regulatory intelligence engine is our modern “data lakehouse”, powered by Snowflake. Redica Systems is now an official Snowflake partner.

All of this sets Redica Systems, and more importantly, our customers, up for the future. For the first time ever, quality professionals at life sciences companies can perform efficient, powerful analytics on their supply chain and the ever-evolving regulatory environment, using just one system.

As an example of what is now possible to build on top of our newly refactored database, we launched Embedded Analytics in 2023, which is our new data visualization reporting, making it easier than ever to find the real insights to guide your Quality and Regulatory decision-making.

2024 and beyond for Redica Systems

We are excited about our product roadmap in 2024. Some of what to expect:

  • Improved universal search that better leverages our proprietary unique identifier: the Redica ID
  • Improved user interface (UI) design to make using Redica Systems easier, more powerful, and more enjoyable
  • More powerful and easy-to-use account management features and user onboarding
  • And much more…stay tuned to our social media channels and subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter, The Signal 

How we can help you

Save Your Time for Higher Value Analysis

Historically, there’s been a lot of menial, manual labor involved with Quality and Regulatory analysis. Most of us remember printing out new agency guidance docs or agency enforcement docs and highlighting by hand. Maybe then you would build a spreadsheet or deck to share with your key stakeholders. 

Redica Systems performs that sifting and organizing of data for you, giving you back valuable time that you can use for higher-value analysis. 

Turn Down the Data Noise

Data isn’t inherently valuable. It has to be structured, scrubbed, and relevant. Most of us also remember inboxes full of regulatory and/or quality update newsletters that contained a lot of information that wasn’t really relevant to our specific roles. Redica Systems helps turn down the data noise and let’s you focus only on the most valuable, relevant insights. 

Reduce Your Compliance Risk

If you know what the various global health agencies are focused on in their inspections, you can be better prepared. Not only can you reduce your compliance risk, but you can help your company improve Quality Management Maturity. 

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