FDA Investigator Donna D Gallien, MPH

Donna D Gallien, MPH has inspections in 8 countries as of 28 Sep 2023. Donna D Gallien, MPH has collaborated with a combinined 3695 experts on various inspections, contributing to compliance and improvement across diverse sectors.

Investigator Details

Number of Inspected Sites:
Last Inspection Date:
28 Sep 2023
Investigator Role:
FDA Investigator
Redica ID:
Japan, United States of America, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Spain
A Williams, Abby Lmozeke Baker, Adam J Taylor, Alexis O Robinson, Allen S Carman, Amanda B Athey, Amanda Dinaro, Amy A Johnson, Amy W Yan Mai, Ana P Barido, Ana S Cabrera, Ann B Borromeo, Anna E Fain, Annette Melendez, Anthony D Peterson, Anthony J Grace, Ashley N Brooks, Ashley N Jeans, Barbara A Burke, Barbara D Wright, Barbara S Manson, Barbara T Carmichael, Bill Tacket, Jr, Bonnie E Conley, Bonnie E Pierson, Brandon C Heitmeier, Brandon L Mariner, Brentley S Collins, Brian A Graves, Brian S Lynch, Brittany M Kershaw, Carmen M Chan, Carol F Robinson, Carolyn E Barney, Carter, Charles N Dupont, Charvais S Bogan, Charvais S Hill, Cherie T Parker, Cheryl G Scott, Cheryl L Watson, Christina L Bigham, Christophe L Boulmay, Christopher J Adams, Christopher N Dedeaux, Claire M Minden, Claude L Brunson, Claudele S Razo, Clendening, Clifton C Francis, Cody D Rickman, Colleen E Burke, Combs, Cynthia L Medlin, Cynthia R Gibson, Dana M Klimavicz, Danielle M Maddox, Daphne A Videau, David J Leray, David R Heiar, Dawn P Hall, Debra A Taylor, Denise L Terzian, Dennis R Hudson, Diana M Guidry, Diana M Rand, Diane Hall, Diane S Douglas, Donald D Gallien, Dr. Koffi A Amegadje, Eddie J Rigsby, Edward A Brunt, Elizabeth D Battles, Elizabeth D Connell, Emily A Baldwin, Emily A Green, Emily E Smith, Erica M Katherine, Erika M Wilkerson, Esther A Ofori, Fabian Nchaparro Rodriguez, Francis A Guidry, Gail L Katz, George J Flynn, Gerald Mierle, Henry E Sanchez, Herbert M Corbello, Herman S Clincy, Holly M Scott, Hultman, James W Blakely, Jamie P Webb, Jason D Abel, Jean A Peeples, Jeanne J Thai, Jeff, Jesse A Vazquez, Jessica A Stephens, Joan A Loreng, John A Iwen, Johnathan M Crayton, Jolanna A Norton, Joseph B Carballa, Joyce B Watson, Juanelma H Palmer, Judy Ellen Ciaraldi, Karen Gale, Karen Gale Sego, Karen M Cooper, Karen M Kondas, Kari L Batey, Karl D Hezel, Katrina B Mosley Sloan, Kellie R Riggs, Kena M Senegal, Kenneth A Merritt, Kenneth K Merritt, Kenneth L Smalls, Kenneth Merritt, Kenneth R Merritt, Kimberly A Dutzek, Kimberly Cdelk Brooks, Kimberly L Mcmillan, Kip J Hanks, Konsuela Y Glass, La Tasha M Gunter, Lacey J Chessor, Lacey J Rice, Lakisha N Morton, Laressa R Gray, Larry A Estavan, Laura E Garcia, Laura L Staples, Laurie A Haxel, Laverne Puckett, Lawrence A Butler, LCDR Randall L Morris, Leena Thomas, Leeterry Moore, Leisha R Shipes, Leon L Crawley, Lequita M Mayhew, Linda Agregory Duty, Llopis, Luis A Carrion, Lura D Baquero, Lura D Kelly, M Aabel I, M Anthonyabel I, Mahaffey, Marcus A Green, Maressa L Mills, Mark I Kaspar, Markeesa M Scales, Marlene L Davis, Marshall H Kinsey, Marvin D Jones, Mary A Millner, Mary Alice Papdimitriou, Meisha A Mandal, Melanie L Drayton, Michael T Nehring, Mizanne E Lewis, Mpris Inspector, Myla T Collins, Nancy L Meade, Nancy L Neiger, Natalie A Guidry, Natasha N Mccants, Nicole M Bell, Nigel L Hirth, Nikki S Bryant, Oregan, Pamela M Thomas, Patrice R Parker, Patricia S Smith, Peggy A Stogner, Randy D Baxter, Randy L Clarida, Richard J Bashay, Robert E Hultman, Samantha J Bradley, Samantha J Pinizzotto, D V M, Samuel L Collins, Scott A Watson, Shannon Atlas, Shayla G Turnipseed, Shelley H Beausoleil, Shelton L Stribling, Shondra N Gipson, Shusheen A Alexander, Shymetris M Allen, Sidney M Smith, Stacy M Below, Stanley Nelson, State Agency, Stephanie A Cochran, Stephen G Mclane, Steven D Dittert, Susan M Miller, Tammara D Perry, Tania Y Hall, Teresa Y Bills, Thomas O Morgan, Thomas R Stanley, Tiana M Mckinley, Tonia L Sawyer, Traci M Armand, Travis E Chapman, Verlinda A Narcisse, Vien Q Le, Wanda B Coats, Wendy R Blame, Whitney M White, William F Lagud, Jr, William P Chatham, Young M Yoon, Yuanyuan Li

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