To help empower the champions of quality and safety with actionable data intelligence, Redica Systems provides free reports containing valuable information curated by our industry experts. 

Below are five of our most popular reports published in 2021. If you have not already, we encourage you to download these insightful resources and add them to your library.

  1. FDA FY2020 Drug Inspection Observations and Trends
    Barbara W. Unger analyzed FDA’s 483 observations for pharmaceutical sites in FY2020. Learn which areas FDA investigators focused on last year.
  2. 5 GMP Case Studies Including FDA Analysis
    Earlier this year, Redica Systems Senior GMP Quality Expert Jerry Chapman attended the International GMP Conference. This report includes five case studies presented by an FDA investigator in one of the conference sessions.
  3. The Current Pharmaceutical Quality Landscape
    In recognition of Quality Week this year, we compiled four articles by Jerry Chapman on the state of pharmaceutical quality.
  4. Analysis of 2019 UK MHRA GMP Inspection Findings
    Barbara W. Unger examined GMP inspection findings by UK MHRA inspectors for 2019 (Note: MHRA released these findings at the end of 2020), juxtaposing these findings with MHRA findings from previous years.
  5. CDMO Comparison Report
    Compare FDA enforcement observations for two of the leading CDMOs over a three-year span.

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