Jon Falker

VP of Marketing at Redica Systems

Are certain pharmaceutical supply chain giants too big to fail? What implications does that have for health regulators as they enforce good manufacturing practices (cGMP)?

This report reviews Aurobindo Pharma, a prominent name in the global pharmaceutical industry, and the significant cGMP quality control issues the company has faced over the past few years, leading to multiple regulatory actions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These problems have impacted both Aurobindo and its subsidiaries, such as Apitoria Pharma Private Limited and Eugia Pharma.

This report covers the recent (2022-2024) regulatory enforcement events timeline, highlighting the challenges Aurobindo has faced and the implications for its business and reputation.

The Aurobindo Pharma family of companies, including Apitoria Pharma and Eugia Pharma.