We continuously monitor, collect, sort, tag, and link data from multiple agencies to enable bespoke reports, user-friendly searches, and automated alerts.

Equipped with this unrivaled information, you’ll reduce regulatory risk, maximize actionable insights, and minimize research time.

With FDAzilla you can unlock actionable intelligence to be more effective and do more with less.

Here’s how FDAzilla works…

FDAzilla features an intuitive, user-friendly interface built upon the largest online library of 483s and warning letters.

FDAzilla enables you to compare sites across FDA Centers, regions, or timeframes and view all the corresponding inspection reports with detailed information organized by sites, CFR Citations, and keyword analytics on critical topics like Data Integrity.

Also, FDAzilla gives you the ability to understand FDA inspector areas of focus and enforcement action issue rates. In a single view, you can see an inspector’s full history — where they’ve been, their most common citations, and how tough they are.

Since all the data is downloadable, FDAzilla enables you to create boardroom-quality charts and reports with ease and efficiency.

To get started, all you have to do is request a personalized demo, and we’ll walk you through the multitude of ways to use Enforcement Analytics to make your job a whole lot easier.


Learn more about how FDAzilla can help you achieve your quality and inspection preparation goals: get 483sInspector ProfilesEnforcement Analytics, and GMP Regulatory Intelligence. Contact us if you ever have questions at [email protected].

About the Author

Michael de la Torre is the CEO of Govzilla.