Have you clicked over to the FDA website recently? If so, you saw that the site has a whole new look and feel. After three years in the works, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a more customer-centric website at FDA.gov that’s easier to search and view on all browser types and sizes.

One thing to note is you may find old links to the site no longer work, “Most URLs will change. Automatic redirects will be established, but users should update their bookmarks,” the FDA spokesperson said.

What does this mean for users of the FDAzilla platform and blog?

“In response to the changes at FDA.gov, we at Govzilla are going through and auditing our data adapters to ensure that data flow is uninterrupted,” says Oliver Yu, co-founder and CTO of Govzilla.

This means everything is functioning as usual at Govzilla and your user experience will not be affected by the updated FDA site

What’s New at FDA.gov?

According to the FDA announcement of their new site, the goals for the improved FDA.gov include:

  • Remodeled web pages that can be viewed on any internet-ready device
  • Easier access to popular content
  • Updated navigation based on data and audience behavior
  • Easier to find FDA content in search results
  • Better consistency of FDA content across web and social channels

To achieve these goals, FDA has:

  • Archived and expired unused web pages
  • Made it easier to find content by consolidating similar content and renaming page titles to reduce redundancy
  • Optimized search and social media with more relevant metadata
  • Updated the site design to have a more modern look-and-feel across all web and social channels

For more information about these changes, visit FDA.gov.