In addition to our free reports and articles, Redica Systems regularly hosts webinars to help our global quality and compliance champions. 

Below are the top five webinars in 2021. All of our webinars can be found here, and you can also view snippets from our webinars on the Redica Systems YouTube channel.

  1. Remote Audits
    Panelists Barbara W. Unger, Jerry Chapman, and Stephanie Gaulding answered questions about remote audits and inspections in a virtual panel discussion moderated by Jason Kerr. Remote audits and inspections are likely to remain a regulatory tool post-pandemic and this webinar is a great way to learn how to prepare for one.
  2. How to Build and Implement a QMS for Small Pharma and Biotech Firms
    Consultant Fenton Fong showed how small pharma firms can build a robust quality management system (QMS) that addresses all GMP requirements. Quality and compliance teams at large pharma firms may also find his information valuable.
  3. A.I. for Quality and Compliance Teams
    Our Senior GMP Quality Expert Jerry Chapman used his experience working on Redica datasets to show how quality and compliance teams can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to spot hidden trends, including data integrity violations “hiding in plain sight” in FDA Warning Letters.
  4. Past, Present, and Future of Quality Culture
    In recognition of Quality Week, Regulatory Compliance Associates Distinguished Fellow Susan Schniepp provided an overview on industry quality metrics and quality culture initiatives.
  5. Leadership SOS – Turning Failure into Success
    GMP leader and executive coach Steve Greer discussed how current and future GMP leaders can use failures to drive successes going forward.

For a blast from the past, you can also check out our top five webinars for 2020. And if you are interested in possibly presenting a webinar or have a topic to suggest, let us know by leaving a post in our LinkedIn discussion group

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