Did you know that global regulatory agencies are aligning on a single approach to unique device identification (UDI)? This will certainly impact medical device manufacturers and their approach to the medical device supply chain. 

To see what your company needs to do to address UDI requirements, download the Redica Systems webinar, “Unique Device Identification | Aligning to a Single Approach,” originally presented on January 27. Our GMP Medical Device Expert Mark Agostino offered his expertise on global UDI compliance.

UDI webinar banner - January 2022 - download

What You Will Learn

  • How UDI can be effectively incorporated into your company’s quality management system
  • What global harmonization of UDI means
  • How Health Agencies are aligning to a single UDI approach

Who Will Benefit

Quality and compliance managers responsible for quality within their medical device organizations.

About the Expert

Mark Agostino

Mark Agostino is a GMP Medical Device Expert at Redica Systems. He is also Managing Director of QARA Biomed. His areas of expertise include quality assurance and regulatory affairs for medical devices and combination products.

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