At Redica Systems, our mission is to empower the champions of quality and safety with actionable data intelligence.  We know that regulated industries require leadership that creates and reinforces a culture of quality in an organization.

A common cultural challenge within organizations is human error. This can lead to poor quality, significant costs, customer service outages, and significant regulatory risk.  The key to improving human performance lies in changing the approach to leadership and creating a strong quality culture.

On April 27, Genesis Assist Executive Coach Steve Greer, who previously spent 35 years at Procter & Gamble in leadership roles in manufacturing and quality, presented the Redica Systems webinar, “Leadership SOS – Turning Failure into Success.”

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This specially formatted webinar focused strictly on building a culture of quality by learning from past mistakes.  Steve provided a case study from the pharma and consumer sector where a site reduced human error by 70%, ultimately, achieving significant improvement across all business KPIs.

What You Will Learn

  • How to use the Leadership SOS Model to transform quality culture
  • How to strengthen quality systems to eliminate human error
  • How to generate ideas on how to set your organization up for success for shareholders, FDA, and staff

Who Will Benefit

This webinar will be valuable to quality, regulatory, compliance, and management personnel and individual contractors in FDA-regulated industries who want to make a difference in the results and culture of their organization.

About the Presenter

Steve Greer

Steve Greer is an engaging and inspiring keynote speaker, executive coach, and consultant working with Fortune 50 to small businesses.  He speaks on leading change, improving performance, and increasing employee engagement.

Steve recently “graduated” after 35 years from the Procter & Gamble Company where his last role was the External Engagement Leader in Corporate Quality Assurance. In his last role, he was responsible for building collaborative relationships with the FDA and industry as well as strengthening internal capability.

Steve and his wife also lead Genesis Counseling Center with offices based in Virginia where they serve over 5,000 clients a month from multiple locations.

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