Are you a small pharma firm anticipating your first FDA pre-approval inspection (PAI)? Or are you looking for information about PAI trends in the wake of the pandemic? Do you know which leading CMO has had the most PAI experience in the last five years? 

On Tuesday, August 2, 2022, Redica presented the webinar, “A Fresh Take on Pre-Approval Inspection Data,” featuring Redica Systems CEO Michael de la Torre. He showed how Redica provides actionable insights on pre-approval inspection trends.

Aug webinar on demand

What You Will Learn

  • 483 Issuance Rate on Pre-Approval Inspections
  • Top/Active Investigators on Pre-Approval Inspections
  • Annual Citation Ranking on Pre-Approval Inspections

About the Presenter

Michael de la Torre

Michael de la Torre is the CEO of Redica Systems, a technology company using data, analytics, and expertise to deliver meaningful insights to quality and safety professionals around the world. By applying artificial intelligence to large and disparate government data sets, Redica Systems empowers its customers to improve compliance, increase product quality, and build a more efficient organization. Redica Systems serves over 200 customers in the pharma, medical devices, and food industries.

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