I’m thrilled to announce that Michael de la Torre is FDAzilla’s new CEO, effective October 19, 2017.  He comes to us after an already-amazing run in executive roles at several companies – leading large teams, collaborating with customers, and expertly scaling businesses. Feel free to connect with him at [email protected] or on LinkedIn. Read the press release here.

I will step down from all my CEO duties, though you will still hear from me regularly via these newsletters and on our blog.  I will also stay actively involved in the company as an owner and Board Chairman.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my seven-year tenure as FDAzilla’s founding CEO, and I’m proud of the team, culture, and reputation that we have built.  Our company will reach newheights with Michael at the helm, and I can sincerely say that our team has never been stronger.

I’m excited for you also, as we accelerate our efforts to provide you with analytics, trending, and benchmarking to make better decisions. Here’s to a great future ahead!

Tony Chen
Chairman, FDAzilla