Govzilla and FOI Services announced Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 the beginning of their official partnership that integrates FOI Services’ unique and vast dataset with Govzilla’s innovative analytics tools to help solve regulatory intelligence problems.

FDA regulated industries’ need for immediate access to enforcement documents is growing as more companies expand their markets and supply chains across the globe. The ability to access all of the data needed in one trusted place benefits companies by providing a more complete document library, reduced searching time and costs, and faster analysis of data.

“FOI Services has data you just can’t get anywhere else. They have been collecting and providing access to FDA data for longer than anybody, and they have a unique and deep history in this arena. Working together, we can leverage their expertise and data sets to improve our trends, benchmarks, and ability to answer tough regulatory questions,” said Michael de la Torre, CEO of Govzilla.

Founded in 1975 to facilitate the flow of information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), FOI Services specializes in requesting and delivering Food & Drug Administration (FDA) information, offering confidential, custom services to place FOIA requests. In addition, the firm offers immediate access to an ever-expanding private library of over 150,000 FDA documents. Now, with the benefit of the boosted power of Govzilla analytics tools, clients will be able to do even more with these unpublished FDA files.

Marlene Bobka, President of FOI Services, described the content of the FOI Services’ library: “Our collection brings FDA-regulated firms the internal FDA files that offer insight into how the FDA thinks and works, including records of inspections, 510(k) submissions, reviewer notes for drugs and devices, FDA/industry correspondence and more. By adding Govzilla’s expertise in data analysis, FDA-regulated companies will have the ability to mine and analyze this information quickly, creatively, and thoroughly.”

About Govzilla

Govzilla is the definitive source for FDA inspection data and analytics — with the world’s most comprehensive FDA inspection database, going back to the year 2000 and covering more than 700,000 inspections at 192,000 sites.

The Govzilla platform takes this unique, unparalleled data set and provides our clients with the data analytics, benchmarking, monitoring services, and inspection documents they need to make better decisions and stay one step ahead of the FDA.

Contact: Kris Christian Tel: (844) 332- 3320 Email: [email protected] Website:

About FOI Services

FOI Services is the world’s largest repository of FDA documentation acquired under the Freedom of Information Act. The database of documents is searchable by company name, keyword, FDA number and other access points. There is no membership or subscription to browse the collection; documents of interest are charged individually upon downloading.

Contact: Marlene Bobka Tel: (301) 975-9400 Email: [email protected] Website:

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