FDA Investigator Seema S Singh

Seema S Singh has inspections in 16 countries as of 17 Oct 2023. Seema S Singh has collaborated with a combinined 3076 experts on various inspections, contributing to compliance and improvement across diverse sectors.

Investigator Details

Number of Inspected Sites:
Last Inspection Date:
17 Oct 2023
Investigator Role:
FDA Investigator
Redica ID:
Czechia, Germany, United States of America, China, Italy, India, Ireland, Taiwan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Poland, Japan, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Canada
A Williams, Adaliz Santaliz Cruz, Adam S Freeman, Alice A Blair, Alla Dubrovsky, Almogela, Amanda Dinaro, Andrea A Branche, Andrea P Scott, Andrew E Kay, Andrew Tadros, Angel K Sandhu, Angela D Wise, Anna L Viveros Hernandez, Annie H Lam, Ashar P Parikh, Ashley, Bleta Vuniqi, Breena L D'ambrogi, Brooke K Higgins, Bruce D Broidy, Carl Lee, Carr, Catherine J Laufmann, CDR Sean T Creighton, Celeste K Wong, Celeta S Coves, Chloe Anne K Le, Chloe Anne Leong, Christina L Bigham, Christine I Shaw, Christine M Parmentier, Christopher W Buser, Claudette D Brooks, Courtney R Bolton, Courtney R Warren, Creighton T Tuzon, Damon A Growl, Daniel J Lahar, Daniel J Roberts, Darla R Bracy, David G Whitman, Dawn M Braswell, Deborah K Richardson, Demitria J Xiradakis, Dena L Jacobs, Dennis Cantellops Paite, Doan T Nguyen, PharmD, Edna J Hidalgo, Edward D Harris, Elizabeth A Dakan, Elizabeth D Connell, Elsa Y Yu, Eric J Heinze, Eric W Anderson, Francis J Eng, Frank J Marciniak, Frederic W French, III, Gamal A Norton, Gary L Zaharek, Gillenwater, Gulshan R Anand, Harperd, Helen B Ricalde, Helen J Hamaoka, Ian A Pilcher, James A Lane, James Norman, James P Mcreavey, James R Fleckenstein, Jamie P Webb, Janice Wai, Javonica F Penn, Jeffrey J Thibodeau, Jeffrey M Watson, Jeffrey W Shrifter, DPM, Jennifer Crumb, Jennifer L Johnson, Jennifer S King, Jesse A Vazquez, Jessica B Darneille, Joan T Briones, Joanne M Fukuda, Jocelyn T Ramos, John A Liu, John A Sciacchitano, Joseph A Seitz, Joseph M Willems, Juan A Morales, Juanita Banuelos, Juanj N Wu, Juanj Wu, Jude C Dikes, Karl D Hezel, Karla J Gibler, Kawshalya Pathiraja, Kenya Destin, Keren Arkin, Kevin P Foley, Kimberly L Anderson, Kimberly L Pruszko, Kingj, Lawton W Lum, LCDR Matthew J Morrison, Lealand Lee, Leongc, Ligia M Cline, Linda Linh T Nguyen, Linda Linhn Adams, Linda S Shook, Lorna F Jones, LT Mark A Chen, MPH, Luis M Burgos Medero, Lydia S Chan, Maida Henesian (NMI), Mariappan V Chelliah, Maricelys Mercado, Mark E Chan, Marlo Ianm Alintanahan, Marlo Ianm Alintanahin, Mary R Hole, Matthew A Walburger, Matthew M Vernon, Maxyne T Lam, Mcgrewp, Melissa I Michurski, Michael L Casner, Michelle J Glembin, Michelle L Tripp, Minh D Phan, Mohammad H Samimi, Monica Cburgos Garcia, Natalie J Ayoub, Nicole Yuen, Patricia A Mcilroy, Paul E Stein, Paul M Kawamoto, Pauline N Logan, Perry H Gambrell, Quynh H Strandberg, Randall F Albright, Raymond T Oji, Richard L Rutherford, Robert L Stevenson, Roger D Gawne, Russell A Campbell, Said H Muse, Samuel K Gibbons, Jr, Sanket N Patel, Sara M Onyango, Sara M Richardson, Sarah A Hassas, Sayeeda Hdabe, Scott K Zika, Sean P Desbrow, Selene T Torres, Sergio Chavez (NMI), Seyyida Saterfield, Shaquenta Y Perkins, Shelley H Beausoleil, Sherri J Jackson, Sina Shojaee, Siobhan A Gallagher, Stanley B Eugene, BS, BME, State Agency, Stephen D Eich, Steven R Ziser, Susanna E Ford, Analyst, Teresa I Navas, Terry C Kimball, Thai T Duong, Theresa Kirkham (NMI), Thomas A Peter, Thomas E Friel, Thomas W Nerney, Timothy C Grome, Tracy K Li, Vilmary Negron Rodriguez, Xiaojun Yan

Seema S Singh's Documents

Publish Date Document Type Title
February, 2017 FDA 483 EMED Technologies Corporation - Form 483, 2017-02-08
June, 2011 EIR Bentec Medical, Inc. - EIR, 2011-06-02
September, 2021 FDA 483 Lusys Laboratories, Inc. - Form 483, 2021-09-24
May, 2013 FDA 483 Medical Device Resource Corp - Form 483, 2013-05-06
November, 2017 FDA 483 Kessel Medintim Gmbh - Form 483, 2017-11-02
July, 2014 FDA 483 Medical Device Resource Corp - Form 483, 2014-07-14
October, 2017 FDA 483 LZR7, Inc. - Form 483, 2017-10-05
January, 2019 FDA 483 COOPERVISION MANUFACTURING LTD - Form 483, 2019-01-10
September, 2019 EIR Albert Browne Ltd. - EIR, 2019-09-12
October, 2018 FDA 483 Dao Health - Form 483, 2018-10-10
January, 2020 FDA 483 Angiplast Private Limited - Form 483, 2020-01-30
November, 2011 FDA 483 New Star Lasers, Inc. - Form 483, 2011-11-16
December, 2012 FDA 483 Q.I. Medical, Inc. - Form 483, 2012-12-18
September, 2019 FDA 483 VALLEY ELECTRONICS AG - Form 483, 2019-09-27
March, 2019 FDA 483 Xinyu Electronic Co Ltd - Form 483, 2019-03-07
May, 2018 FDA 483 Laboratorios Leon Farma SAU - Form 483, 2018-05-25
March, 2015 FDA 483 DSAART, LLC - Form 483, 2015-03-25
May, 2015 FDA 483 Volcano Corporation - Form 483, 2015-05-28
September, 2015 EIR Theranos, Inc. - EIR, 2015-09-16
March, 2016 FDA 483 Proteus Digital Health, Inc. - Form 483, 2016-03-24
September, 2013 FDA 483 Nuvolase Inc. - Form 483, 2013-09-23
December, 2012 FDA 483 Aalba Dent, Inc. - Form 483, 2012-12-07
August, 2019 FDA 483 San-M Package Co., Ltd. - Form 483, 2019-08-01
April, 2018 FDA 483 Hand Biomechanics Lab, Inc. - Form 483, 2018-04-04
June, 2013 FDA 483 Visioncare Devices, Inc. - Form 483, 2013-06-26
September, 2019 FDA 483 Technix SPA - Form 483, 2019-09-19
September, 2015 FDA 483 Theranos, Inc. - Form 483, 2015-09-16
July, 2021 FDA 483 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - Form 483, 2021-07-15
April, 2018 EIR Abaxis Inc - EIR, 2018-04-25
October, 2016 FDA 483 Cell Marque Corporation - Form 483, 2016-10-07
May, 2013 FDA 483 Vortran Medical Technology 1, Inc - Form 483, 2013-05-29
July, 2017 FDA 483 Motion Analysis Corporation - Form 483, 2017-07-21
November, 2010 FDA 483 Hologic, Inc. - Form 483, 2010-11-17
March, 2012 FDA 483 Antibodies Inc - Form 483, 2012-03-21
April, 2012 FDA 483 Lexmark Enterprise Software - Form 483, 2012-04-12
January, 2015 FDA 483 Bentec Medical, Inc. - Form 483, 2015-01-29
June, 2014 FDA 483 Computerized Screening Inc - Form 483, 2014-06-05
May, 2014 FDA 483 SonoCine Inc. - Form 483, 2014-05-07
November, 2018 FDA 483 Advancedcath Technologies Inc - Form 483, 2018-11-28
February, 2015 FDA 483 Somersault Orthopedics, Inc. - Form 483, 2015-02-26
December, 2013 FDA 483 Gold Standard Diagnostics - Form 483, 2013-12-20
April, 2018 FDA 483 Abaxis Inc - Form 483, 2018-04-25
August, 2012 FDA 483 Consensus Orthopedics Inc. - Form 483, 2012-08-02
March, 2017 FDA 483 Haemonetics Software Solutions - Form 483, 2017-03-21
February, 2020 FDA 483 AUROLAB TRUST DBA Aurolab - Form 483, 2020-02-06
September, 2019 FDA 483 TQ Systems GmbH - Form 483, 2019-09-27

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