The Internet offers a seemingly unlimited information resource for medical device developers, allowing them to tap into regulatory information and guidance, market reports and consumer opinion, as well as in-depth coverage of the state of the industry as a whole. Unfortunately, the broad reach of the online world also means that not all news sources carry the same weight when it comes to the reliability and accuracy of what is being presented as fact.

MDCI has put together a list of both mainstream and industry-specific news sources that our team considers to be at the top of their class in providing timely and in-depth information relevant to medical device companies. Let’s take a quick look at these resources and what they have to offer medical device developers.

  • – this main site, and the more detailed Medical Devices pages provide an extensive amount of information to help companies navigate and keep up with the changing regulatory environment. A good starting point is the ‘Device Advice‘ section, which provides an overview device regulations, searchable databases, and an explanation of the activities and steps involved in bringing a device to market, as well as post-market FDA requirements. The agency has also recently added the new CDRH Learn pages, a series of free online training modules covering key topics, including the Quality System regulation, medical device recalls, software regulations, and an overview of the 510(k) process.
  • – Dedicated to covering life sciences and health technology, Xconomy focuses on the Boston, Detroit, New York, San Diego, San Francisco and Seattle markets in particular while still providing solid national reporting. The editor in chief, Robert Buderi, hails from MIT’s Center for International Studies, and the website’s remaining staffers also possess excellent scientific pedigrees and publication histories.
  • – FierceBiotech and its sister site FierceMedicalDevices are one-stop-shops that can help medical device companies keep their finger on the pulse of the industry. Not only does the website offer up-to-the-minute news, but it also provides webinars, job listings, event listings and other features devoted to every aspect of the business of medical device production.
  • Wall Street Journal – Although primarily known for its focus on financial issues, the Wall Street Journal’s health section provides excellent mainstream media coverage of regulatory and market issues affecting medical device companies.
  • – Positioned as the “online journal of the medical devices industry,” offers blogs, features, and in-depth news and events coverage vital to medical device companies. The tightly-focused site is one of the most accurate sources for important regulatory and industry trend analysis.

It is always important when reading news that could potentially impact your organization to ensure that the source of the report is trustworthy and well-informed. The medical device industry is highly specialized, and not all major news agencies or reporters have a history of consistent accuracy when covering important topics. The resources listed above can be thought of as the backbone of the medical device news business, and key places to turn to when validating the potential business impact of newly reported information.

republished and adapted with permission from MDCI