The Most Famous QA/RA Blogger Just Revealed His Identity


I started the QAPharm Blog three years ago as a creative outlet to share my perspective on the pharma industry and the quality assurance profession. I have appreciated my faithful readers from dozens of countries around the world.

For years, we’ve been following The QA Pharm Blog. Writen with an equal dose of deep industry expertise, refreshing transparency/voice, and wit, we’ve all wondered – who is this masked man?



John is an observer of the pharmaceutical industry from inside and out for over 30 years. He’s worked at the lab bench and on the management board. Basically, he’s spent a whole career all around GMP and Quality Assurance.

Here’s a note from John’s blog:

As many of my readers have noted, I took a hiatus from blogging for a year. During that time I wrote the first “whodunit” murder mystery ever set the the pharmaceutical industry.

Murder for Diversion by John Snyder is the first Jacob Blake murder murder mystery, and it is available at Amazon for your Kindle. I hope you enjoy it.

Just like my blog, it is infused with my experience in the pharmaceutical industry, but it is a true work of fiction. All places, events and characters are the product of my imagination.

Here’s a little bit about my book and protagonist Jacob Blake.

cover Diversion finalJacob Blake is reinventing himself.  He’s an expert in pharmaceutical manufacturing quality, but his career and his life is at a crossroads, when an uncle dies and leaves him property in, of all places, Texas. He drives cross-country, thinking that maybe this is a sign, a direction for him to go.  But his old life calls, and his ex-boss and nemesis in Philadelphia asks him to take a look at a mystery.  His first inclination is to not look back, then his old boss is suddenly dead, leading Jacob into a world of shady dealings, and murder.  This is the first in a planned series looking at what the public doesn’t know about how the drugs they take every day are made and following a character in his journey of re-creation and life renewal.

So, if the book was written by John Snyder and I am QA Pharm, then QA Pharm must be John Snyder.

—-[end of John’s blog post]—-

I love that John is putting his writing skills to both the advancement of our profession at QA Pharm as well as creatively through this awesome story.

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