Nothing is permanent in this world except change. 

The speed of change progresses continuously, and the need to change how we think about and approach quality has never been greater to tackle. Driving toward higher levels of quality maturity requires cultural changes as well as changes to how people think and behave—a much more complicated task than changing out equipment, suppliers, and so on.

Often when quality professionals do focus on change, they play small rather than big and focus on technical aspects rather than the organization as a whole. Although change is difficult at any scale, everyone can become a “Champion of Change” to thrive in leading both personal and organizational changes.

Recently, Corporate QA External Engagement Leader, Keynote Speaker, and Leadership Coach, Steve Greer, hosted an empowering webinar with Redica on being a Champion of Change and using the 3Cs to Success in your personal life and organization.  

Download the slide deck and video here!
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What you will learn:

  • The 3C Model to become a champion of change
  • How to identify game-changing habits and the steps to implement them
  • Ways to develop greater purpose-centered leadership
  • How to generate awareness along with actions to create changes in how you think about challenges and change putting you on a path to lead change successfully in your organization

Who Will Benefit? 

This session will be valuable to quality, regulatory, compliance, and management personnel in FDA-regulated industries who want to make a difference in their organization.

To download the slides, click here!

About the Presenter

Steve Greer is an engaging and inspiring keynote speaker and executive coach working with Fortune 50 to small businesses. Steve speaks on improving performance, increasing employee engagement, and leading personal and organizational change. He speaks at both international and US-based conferences serving many sectors including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, banking, etc.   

In addition to speaking and coaching executives, Steve is the External Engagement Leader in Corporate Quality Assurance for the Procter & Gamble Company. He is responsible for building collaborative relationships with boards of health and industry as well as strengthening internal capability. In 2017, he was awarded the James N. Gamble Award, the highest recognition to individuals in Quality Assurance who have made outstanding leadership contributions. Steve serves in a leadership role on industry associations including the Personal Care Products Council and the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.  

Steve and his wife also lead Genesis Counseling Center based in Virginia which provides a broad range of behavioral health outpatient services. The Genesis team serves over 5,000 clients a month at multiple locations.  

He can be contacted at [email protected] and on the web at and on LinkedIn:

To download the slide deck and video, click here! 

Redica Inline Ads 1120 Webinar 3Cs