Machine Intelligence Layer of Enforcement Analytics

Industry professionals struggle with enforcement reports overflowing with data that take weeks or months to assemble, with no meaningful insights.  Our enforcement and inspection data, fused with powerful intelligence can:

  • Generate unique insights for better risk analysis and decision making
  • Automatically surface insights that are actionable and create value


Improve Precision and Efficiency of Meaning Generation

Our team of regulatory and risk management experts continuously tune and improve precision and efficiency of insight generation algorithms.
1000s of hours refining our algorithms, building on the experience of our domain experts that will help detect the right signals to improve your enforcement and inspection outcomes.

Redica Systems Quality Assurance Investigator Profile

Improve Accuracy and Time Detecting Events and Analyze Trends

Eliminate manual effort and dramatically reduce time (from weeks/months to seconds) to generate insights and analyze trends.
Reduce errors and eliminate complex workflows using a reliable, repeatable, and simplified machine-driven approach.

Redica Systems Inspection Readiness Site Profile

Generate Meaning out of Enforcement and Inspection Data

Enable contextual search using the ability to parse and index large volumes of enforcement and inspection data.
Recognize intent and meaning by classifying, augmenting, and annotating data with context, topics, and themes using NLP and data-mining technologies.
Increase value and relevance of insights through fast and accurate tagging, and cross-linking inspections, Warning Letters, sites, and events in enforcement data.

Platform Features

MI tower
Site Tags

We created our tags from a combination of Agency Registration data and Inspection and Enforcement activity. Tags are used in list views and reports to be able to filter and segment the data.

GxP Tagging

We use evidence from events and registrations to tag events (i.e. inspections) and sites with GxP tags. For example, if the site is registered with the BIMO database, then we know it is GCP. Also, if the site tag is Human Drugs: Manufacturing then we know that is a GMP facility


We support: 

  • GCP – Good Clinical Practices
  • GLP – Good Laboratory Practices
  • GVP – Good Pharmacovigilance Practices
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices
Expert Tagging
  • Human Drug GMP (link)
  • Quality System (10 sub items)
  • Packaging and Labeling (4 sub items)
  • Materials (7 sub items)
  • Laboratory (8 sub items)
  • Facilities and Equipment (7 sub items)
  • Production (16 sub items)
  • Data Integrity (11 sub items)
  • Medical DeviceGMP
  • Human Drug GCP
  • Responsibility of Investigator, Institutional Review Board (IRB), Sponsor, Contract Research Organization (CRO), Sponsor Investigator
  • Food GMP
  • Human Drug GLP
  • Human Drug GVP
  • Therapeutic and Product Trees
Real-Time Enforcement Intelligence

Get the latest enforcement and inspection intelligence at your fingertips. With Redica you’ll have:

  • Up-to-date intelligence such as what citations have been issued
  • Which vendors have compliance issues
  • How do we compare with our peers

Redica also pulls enforcement and inspection signals from across a variety of sources directly into our platform so you can plan and prioritize your inspection planning and manage your enforcement citations.


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