If you’ve ever tried to contact someone at the FDA, you likely went to the HHS employee directory.  We’ve decided to make that directory even easier to use by making it searchable by title, name, phone number, and even location.  Check out our FDA employee directory here.

Some interesting tidbits I’ve noticed from doing a few searches.  The FDA employs:

Another interesting tidbit: as of right now, there are approximately 2,800 FDA employees with profiles on LinkedIn, or about 25% of the total of 11,000+ employees as of 10/1/2009.  (by comparison, the NIH has less than 20% of their 18,000+ staff on LinkedIn.  Meanwhile, the SEC has 30%+ of their 3,700 employees on LinkedIn.  Really indicative of the type of professional that works at these various agencies)

Want to work for the FDA? They’ve got 100+ openings, 40 of which pay $100k or more.