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End-to-end workflows

Integrated ticketing and tracking

Our regulatory intelligence signals are seamlessly linked to power workflows and automation, enabling your teams across geographies to triage signals, assign impact assessments to SMEs, track and report progress to management.

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Empower and activate your team with automation

Workflows and Collaboration includes features such as:
Flexible Ticketing

Create tickets directly from the Feed to benefit from all metadata and avoid rework. Create your own Tickets to track additional input from your Network.

Push-button ‘Newsletters’

Build customized Highlights with the signals you want to highlight, and share with your Team.

Cluster Topics into EPICs

EPICs allow you to cluster Tickets (eg all iterations of a Regulation, all signals associated to a strategic topic) so you get all history in one go and create high visibility.

Integrated Search & Reporting

Filters and Metrics allow you to query and report Data to demonstrate Adoption, Performance, and Compliance.

Out-of-the-box Digital Transformation

Discover how a global pharma company leveraged Redica to streamline their global regulatory intelligence workflows.


Quality Leadership was given the mandate to get their arms around more than 150 countries’ regulation landscape, while creating a strong process with automated and integrated tools to power the team.

Their legacy process was based on scattered and limited information, and non-automated Sharepoint technology solution that only 10% of the team was using.



One-stop-shop for all monitoring needs with the Redica External Monitoring Module – covers more than 10,000 sources across all GxPs plus RA-x and HSE, for the Human Drugs, Biologics, and Medical Devices & IVD Industries.

End-to-End automated and integrated workflows from signal monitoring all the way through reporting that engaged 100% of the global team.

Workflows and collab solution@2x


Best-in-class external monitoring process and tools at a fraction of the time and cost for internal development.

The team is engaged with information and metrics to increase collaboration and communicate performance.

Workflow and collab